Common Problems Faced by Young Drivers

For young and newly qualified drivers, the road can be a dangerous and daunting place. Driving alone for the first time will feel unfamiliar at first but the more you practice, the more relaxed you will become!

Once you have successfully passed your test, the world may seem like your oyster, but there are many obstacles and trials in which you will undoubtedly still have to face. Although confidence is key, cockiness will only hinder your driving performance so remember you are not King or Queen of the road. Despite becoming more comfortable and in control over time, rules and regulations have been designed for a reason and must be adhered to at all times. Here we look at common problems in which young drivers especially are likely to be confronted with.

Peer Pressure

It is a typical desire to impress any friends or members of your family who may become a passenger in your car. Don’t be influenced by any unlawful demands, as you need to remember that you and only you will be held responsible for any consequences that may occur. Your peers are unlikely to be impressed if you cause an accident, therefore driving safely may not seem exciting at the time but it could potentially cost lives. Ensure that all your passengers are wearing seatbelts, as their safety is now in your hands. Loud music can also distract your attention away from possible hazards or emergency vehicles, so always keep the volume at a reasonable level. General distractions from people in the car are a massive risk, but remember your attention must be fully on the road at all times.

Concentrate on the road ahead but remember to always look out for other driver’s mistakes as well as your own.

Drink Driving

Drink driving can regularly be linked to peer pressure as a sociable drink amongst friends can often leave you feeling left out. Be aware of your responsibilities however and understand it is recommended that ideally you should avoid even the one alcoholic drink as even this can cause a considerable difference to your reactions. Being caught over the limit is a major crime and can lead to imprisonment, so ask yourself is it worth taking the risk? In some cases, having your drink spiked can be an exception if proven with medical tests. Be very aware of this risk however and keep an eye on your beverages at all times to reduce the chance of this ever being the cause of an accident.


Disobeying speed limits is another serious offence that can result in severe consequences. The last thing a newly qualified driver wants is to have their license taken off them, so applying by the rules is vital to your driving future. Being late for an event or appointment is a common reason as to why this specific law is frequently violated, but this excuse is certainly not liable when you are putting the safety of others at risk. Peer pressure is again another major influence and the desire to show off should be restrained in order to ensure laws are never broken for the sake of other people’s entertainment.

Young drivers have a wide spread reputation for being the most nonchalant about driving safety regulations, but this can easily be changed over time if these common problems can be addressed. Be cautious and self assured but bear in mind no one is superior to the law.

This guest post was written by Alex Jackon on behalf of Gray and Co Solicitors who specialise in retaining driver’s licences using  the Exceptional Hardship argument.

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