Driving Lessons Preston – How many faults to fail driving test?

How many faults to fail driving test?

In the UK driving test there are three different kinds of fault.

Serious faults, these are rather surprisingly awarded for faults that the driving examiner considers as serious! If you get one or more serious faults during the driving test then you will fail. Serious faults tend to be problems that on another day may be dangerous or if you break the law during the test these also tend to be serious faults.

Dangerous faults, these tend to be faults where the driving examiner has to take some sort of action to avoid a collision. If during the driving test the examiner has to use the dual controls or if they have to give a verbal warning, to stop you from doing something dangerous.

Driving faults, commonly known as minor faults. These are awarded for faults that the driving examiner considers as not serious. As a Driving Instructor in Preston I find that most pupils think that stalling is a fail straight away, contrary to popular belief this is not so. If you stalled the car in a location that was safe then generally speaking you would only incur one driving fault.

During the driving test you are allowed up to 15 driving faults, if you get 16 or more driving faults then you will fail the driving test. A myth we at Simply Learners Driving School in Preston hear a lot, is that if you get 3 or more in the same category on the driving test report, then the driving examiner will graduate it to a serious fault. While there is a kernel of truth in this, there is no set amount of faults in any category before you graduate to a serious fault, it is generally down to the driving examiners discretion.

Test termination, if during the driving test the driving examiner considers you to be a danger to other road users, then they may terminate the driving test. This is to protect you, the driving examiner and other road users from possible danger.

At the end of the driving test the driving examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed, if you fail you should ask the driving examiner for feedback on your performance. The driving examiner should tell you where you have gone wrong and what you could do to remedy it for a future driving test. If during the driving test you were consistently making the same mistake then you should ask your Driving Instructor for help on your future Driving Lessons in Preston.

As always, safe driving.


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